Live Dealer Blackjack: Bet Behind Explained

But eventually, even your favourite game starts feeling dull. Software providers try to solve this problem with different blackjack variants to keep players entertained. And don’t get us wrong, it works! But none of these additions ever felt like something online casinos could provide. Of course, the industry moves slowly. But when they finally do make a move, it’s usually something spectacular. Something like Bet Behind.

How It Works

You come home from work and decide to play a few rounds of blackjack. You get in your comfy chair and access your favourite casino. Only to find out that all the tables are full! Before Bet Behind, you’d be given two bad choices. You could wait and hope a table opens up for you to snag a seat. Or you could go play RNG blackjack, which isn’t nearly as exciting as its live dealer counterpart!

With Bet Behind, however, you’re given a way to participate. You get to view the table, and the hands of all punters currently playing. If a player has multiple consecutive wins, he’ll be marked in some way. Usually ribbons, star or gold medals to draw your attention. In doing so, the game gives you a way to quickly identify which punter you’d like to trust with your wager. For that particular round, at least.

And how does it work exactly? Essentially, you put money down on a specific player or players. If they win that round, you win alongside them. If they lose, you also lose. This means you don’t get a hand of your own, or any input on how the punter you’re betting on will play theirs on

Should You Use It?

Now, we’d like nothing more than to simply answer yes here. But honestly, it depends on the players currently seated on the table! Experienced gamers will probably be able to pick up on people applying the proper blackjack strategy. The indicators for successful punters the games usually have built into their user interface obviously helps.

One thing we really like is that you can bet on multiple people at once. Once wagers are done for a specific round, you can’t change them. But there’s nothing stopping you from shifting your favour from one gamer to another! You’re not as vulnerable to bad luck as the people on the table are because of this.

The Finer Details

Player ‘ranks’ tend to improve the longer their winning trusted casino online malaysia streak lasts. If you see someone with lots of star, ribbons or medals, they’re probably doing quite well for themselves! You could use this as an indicator of a skilled punter, and flock to him. Or you could use it as a sign of impending bad luck and choose to wager elsewhere. The choice is yours!

Also keep in mind that you will, by default, always match the player you’re betting behind on. So when they double their bet or split their hand, your wager will also automatically double! Software providers will usually give you a way to opt out of this through the settings.

Closing Thoughts

Bet Behind is a fun system with excellent winning potential. But it’s a system that might not see that much use, not in the long run. Many software providers nowadays allow an unlimited number of players to the table. Without a limited number of seats, there’s no Bet Behind side-bet. So make sure you try it out while it lasts! You might just coast along to amazing wins on the back of someone else’s master play!